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UVM_users_guid_1.0.pdf Feb 23/2011: Page 190: `uvm_update_sequence_lib

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As per the uvm_users_guide_1.0.pdf (dated Feb 23, 2011) at Page 190 on Virtual Sequencer example shows

The following example declares a virtual sequencer with two subsequencers. Two interfaces called eth and cpu are created in the build function, which will be hooked up to the actual sub-sequencers.

class simple_virtual_sequencer extends uvm_sequencer;

eth_sequencer eth_seqr;

cpu_sequencer cpu_seqr;

// Constructor

function new(input string name="simple_virtual_sequencer",

input uvm_component parent=null);

super.new(name, parent);

// Automation macro for virtual sequencer (no data item)



// UVM automation macros for sequencers


endclass: simple_virtual_sequencer

so when I tried the `uvm_update_sequence_lib in testebench got following error

Identifier 'uvm_update_sequence_lib' has not been declared yet. If this

error is not expected, please check if you have set `default_nettype to


and 'uvm_update_sequence_lib is missing uvm_class_reference_Manual_1.0.pdf

Any idea ?


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In next UVM release, uvm_deprecated_defines.svh should not be removed after discussed with Sharon in cadence seminar.

you could also use the uvm_update_sequence_lib in 1.0 if you don't want to change.

but we recommend to use the `uvm_object_utils(seq_name) &`uvm_declare_p_sequencer(sequencer_name)

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One more point to note the testbench is compiled with +define+UVM_NO_DEPRECATED to avoid using any UVM EA stuff which deprecated in UVM 1.0.. so the document refers some EA stuff...



uvm_update_sequence_lib refers to a deprecated facility (thats why its not documented anymore) and UVM_NO_DEPRECATED removes all deprecated code from the library. to move ahead simply remove the uvm_update_sequence_lib line.


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The UVM1.0 documentation is a little rough - plenty of features undocumented as well as artefacts and deprecated constructs from UVM1.0EA. Unsurprising really given the scale of the changes and the time-scales of the release. Several features were added very late in the release cycle and changes to sequences was one of these. I understand there will be a UVM bugfix release in the next month or so & I believe this will tidy up the documentation.

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all change requests should be filed here:


you may also want to check the latest user guide + ref (release candidate for uvm11) if you are an accellera member here:



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Hi Uwes

Thanks. I am not a member of accellera member, so I may not be able to access this document.



to see the docs your company need to be an accellera member. to file a bug in mantis you do not need to be an accellera member.


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