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How to depress the path for UVM REPORTING?

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when i report messages,the output includes the full path ,such as:

UVM_INFO mytest.sv(180) @ 795: uvm_test_top.mytest_env.mytest_agent.mytest_driver [mytest] len=23,data[0]=`45

sometimes,the output is too long and the path info is not necessary.

how to depress the path ,and it may be like as follows:

UVM_INFO mytest.sv(180) @ 795: [mytest] len=23,data[0]=`45


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Another option, depending on how much you need to selectively control the report options, is to use the report handlers from higher level components in the lower levels:

class my_agent extends uvm_agent;

function void build_phase(uvm_phase phase);
 my_driver_h = my_driver::type_id::create(...);
If you do this, you will no longer be able to selectively modify the reporting options for all messages in your driver. You still have the ability to controll messages by IDs.

The other option is to create separate logging objects that are disconnected from the hierarchy:

class my_driver extends umv_driver;

uvm_report_object log = new("some_shorter_name");

function void some_function();
   `uvm_info_context("myid","my message here", UVM_LOW, log);
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