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virtual sequence not work, maybe it's a bug in uvm1.0p1

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Can anyone help me?

In virtual sequence, it works if the first parameter for ovm_create_on is sequence.

But if the first parameter is sequence_item, it can not work.

Maybe it is a bug.

(IUS92.36, UVM1.0p1)

  virtual task body();
    repeat(1) begin
      $display("Start Create");
      `uvm_create_on(seq, p_sequencer.seqr)
      $display("Start Randomize");
      assert (seq.randomize());
      $display("Start Send");
      $display("Trans Complete");

      $display("Start Create2");
      `uvm_create_on(trans, p_sequencer.seqr)
      $display("Start Randomize2");
      assert(trans.randomize() with 
      { trans.addr == 'h1000;
        trans.read_write == READ;
        trans.size == 1;
        trans.error_pos == 1000;
        trans.transmit_delay == 10; } )      

      $display("Start Send2");
[COLOR="Red"]      `uvm_send(trans)  // Never returned from this macro ERROR[/COLOR]
      $display("Trans Complete2");


See the attached code, run testcase test_read_modify_write_2 with the following command:

make -f Makefile.ius

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there are no newer "released" versions of UVM. BUT the bugfix branch of UVM (UVM_10X_DEV) has quite some fixes for some of the problems found. I was suggesting to try the bugfix branch or if that is not an option you may try the patch:



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Now only am start learning UVM/OVM methodology, Am not sure on this :) , anyway i have some point to remember .

If you see the anatomy of the Sequence ,

m_sequencer is for seq_item .

p_sequencer is for sequence . I think if you change the code like below it will work.

`uvm_create_on(seq, m_sequencer.seqr).




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