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is it possible to use "virtual public sc_module"?


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Hi All,


I have a case using "diamond inheritance" sc_module as below figure



   /      \

 A       B

   \       /



base=> struct to share A and B

A => a systemc module (virtual public sc_module)

B => a systemc module (virtual public sc_module)

top=> a systemc module (virtual public A, virtual public B )


it work fine.


But when I using SC_THREAD. 


the compiler shows error, "pointer to member conversion via virtual base".


is it possible to fix the error?



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It looks like you solved your problem; however, just a C++ note as to using of the keyword 'virtual' with classes and the infamous diamond problem.

// Example demonstrating proper use virtual class inheritance to solve the dreaded diamond problem.
// Only a problem when base class contains data.
#include <iostream>
#include <systemc>

struct Base { int m_i; Base():m_i(42){} };

// Only one of the following two required to use 'virtual' keyword, but two is safer
struct A : virtual Base { int m_a; A(): m_a(1){} };
struct B : virtual Base { int m_b; B(): m_b(2){} };

// The following will only have one copy of 'var' from Base
struct Final: A, B
  Final() { std::cout << "Constructed Final with m_i=" << m_i << std::endl; }

int sc_main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
  Final f;
  sc_assert( f.m_i == 42 );
  return 0;
// Copyright 2015 by David Black
// License: Apache 2.0
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