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Sending all transactions, arriving at several targets, from one initiator

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Hi All,


I'm quite new to TLM and have just joined this forum. I'd appreciate if you could help me to clarify one probably very simple question.

I have N targets and one initiator. Each target handles transactions of particular priority. I need to analyze several transactions, arriving at these targets in one delta-cycle, select one with the highest priority and send it from the only one initiator. Priorities can change dynamically. Can you please share your ideas on that? 


Thank you in advance,



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Connections in TLM2 are point-to-point. If you need to connect one initiator to many targets you need a router in the middle.


With a loosely timed style of coding you might not even need a delta cycle, a single call could take no time at all - though of course the initiator would probably contain a wait after each function call.


Have look at the LT example here:






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I would suggest using the multi-sockets (see section 17.1.4 of IEEE-1666-2011).


You did not mention how priorities are determined. If the communications carries the priority as separate signals, then I suggest you consider using an ignorable extension (sections 15.2 and 15.21). If contained in the payload, then you can inspect it directly.


You can find more information at doulos.com/knowhow/systemc/ and a good video tutorial on the application of extensions at http://www.accellera.org/resources/videos/tlm20extensions/

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