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what the advantage to adopting UVM

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if everything is fine with VMM, it is not necessary for you to migrate the methodology now. do it when you need it later.

We're starting a new projects, and arguing with the VMM and UVM. there're few vip are written by VMM, but we want to migrate to UVM, so we want to know that if it's worth to migrate to UVM?
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A few key reasons to choose UVM:

1) It is supported by multiple simulator vendors.

2) Sequence methodology gives a more intuitive interactive control of generated items (rather than generators and callbacks).

3) Config mechanisms can simplify control of components deep within hierarchy.

4) Factory mechanisms can simplify modifications of components deep within hierarchy or under the control of another source (VIP, for example).

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Why? Because everyone is doing it! :)

Kidding aside, Jadec captured some solid points. Here are a few more.

OVM users

* Backward compatibility maintained in UVM 1.0. As more technology is added beyond 1.0, that compatibility may be harder to maintain if it is inappropriate for technical reasons.

* Universal register package. OVM users had two packages available while UVM has one.

* New phasing, configuration, command line, and TLM2 features. Without diving into each one here, there are several new features available to improve your verification

VMM users

* Demonstrated multi-vendor reuse. Among the release criteria for the UVM 1.0 reference library is that it runs on Cadence, Mentor, and Synopsys simulators and supports reuse among them.

* New features. Depending upon the version of VMM that you are using, the features in UVM 1.0 may be new to you.

* Larger ecosystem = more choice. As the industry moves to a single library and methodology, it the efficiency of training, VIP, services, tools, etc. companies will rise so you'll see a much bigger set of options to enhance your verification environment.

=Adam Sherilog

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