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Abruptly killing a sequence results in UVM_ERROR

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In the body of a virtual sequence I have a sequence running inside fork join, which is then killed by disabling the thread, like so:


virtual task body();



        `uvm_do_on(my_seq, my_seqr)


    @(negedge reset_b );

    disable seq_thread;






On doing this, we get the following error from the sequencer:


[sEQREQZMB] The task responsible for requesting a wait_for_grant on sequencer 'uvm_test_top.env.my_seqr' for sequence 'uvm_test_top.env.soc_v_sequencer.my_vseq.my_seq' has been killed, to avoid a deadlock the sequence will be removed from the arbitration queues.


What can I do in my virtual sequence to cleanly kill 'my_seq' when reset_b is asserted ? 


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"cold" killing a sequence by terminating the thread via fork/join/disable or process::kill very likely hangs the sequence-sequencer-driver interaction and a couple of handshakes. In the good case all you get is a message like the one you show. in the bad case it will render the sequencer in-operational. If you really need to terminate a sequence from the outside then .stop_sequences() and seq.kill(). But also keep in mind that one eventually has to perform add actions like resetting registers semaphores, resetting the driver etc otherwise you did just a reset of one part of your env and the rest is still in flight (for instance if you terminate a sequence which currently executes an item on the driver you need todo something with the driver otherwise the sequencer-driver handshake is out of sync.




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