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VMM RAL read() methods are broken, don't make the same mistake in UVM

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Hi all,

I've seen that UVM will use VMM RAL as the base for the register package. I'm really happy about that as I love VMM RAL and use it daily. RAL has its problems, but most of them are related to documentation (I plan on documenting the undocumented features as soon as I find out what they do) or can be worked around.

Unfortunately there is one serious problem that annoys me on a weekly basis: All read method calls as well as derivatives thereof (such as peek) have the following prototype for the data:

output bit [`VMM_RAL_DATA_WIDTH-1:0] value

Why, oh, why didn't they make it logic? vmm_rw_access and vmm_rw_burst use

rand logic [`VMM_RW_DATA_WIDTH-1:0]

for data, but for no apparent reason vmm_ral_access, vmm_ral_reg, vmm_ral_mem, etc. convert it into a bit vector thereby swallowing x's (turning them into 0's) and making bug hunting of both testbench and RTL a pain.

The only (broken) workaround that I've found is to add the following line to my vmm_rw_xactor:

if (|tr.data === 'x) `vmm_error(log, "Found x in return data");

which only works if you never expect to see undefined values in any kind of register.

I know that this is quite a bit of work, but I believe in it enough to be willing to patch the code myself if you allow me to (I am aware of the subtle changes that need to be made to the vmm_ral_tests and ralgen, etc.)

Anyway, that was my opinion about the subject. How do you all feel?

Best Regards


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the best way to make your voice heard is to join the VIPTSC working group http://www.accellera.org/activities/vip and also file bugs reports or change requests in the mantis database http://www.eda.org/svdb/main_page.php. The mantis items will be reviewed on a regular basis by the commitee an then approved/rejected/etc for inclusion.



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