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How to write a good Makefile in VCS for running UVM tests?

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hi, all,


I'm a newer in learning UVM. With the support of many UVM experts, we can find many examples for learnning UVM. However, when I tried to have a taste on some examples using VCS to compile them, the Makefile is a headache for me.


Could you please let me know how to write a good Makefile for compilation and running simulation in VCS?


Thank you in advance!



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Well I don't have an accurate reply for your query , but some clues that may help.


As the example is based on ModelSim Linux Version{Makefile}, what I did to use it on my Linux NCSIM, is replaced the vsim with irun and put it in a shell script which runs.


So an advice , get the list of  includes and files , apply it to the command for VCS, through the script.


Hope it will work for you :)




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From our UVM Adopter's class, here is a portion of a Makefile that applies to VCS:

UVM_VER = uvm-1.1
UVM_HOME = /apps/uvm

VCS             = vcs
VCS_OPTS        = -sverilog +acc +vpi -timescale=1ns/1ns $(EXTRA_VCS_OPTS)

.PHONY:	clean vcs vcs_debug vcs_std

	 # To use with VCS, enter:
	 #   make vcs	or	make vcs_debug
         # To remove temporary files, enter
         #   make clean

	$(VCS) $(VCS_OPTS) -ntb_opts uvm $(INCDIRS) $(SRCS) -R $(EXTRA_VCS_RUNOPTS)

	$(VCS) $(VCS_OPTS) -ntb_opts uvm $(INCDIRS) $(SRCS) -R -gui $(EXTRA_VCS_RUNOPTS)

	$(VCS) $(VCS_OPTS) +acc +vpi $(INCDIRS) +incdir+$(UVM_HOME)/src $(UVM_HOME)/src/uvm.sv  $(SRCS) \
	$(UVM_HOME)/src/dpi/uvm_dpi.cc -CFLAGS -DVCS -R $(EXTRA_VCS_RUNOPTS)

	@echo cleaning old simulation files and libraries...
	@ -$(RM) csrc simv* work *.bak *.log *.vpd transcript \
	waves.shm *.wlf mylib lib *.vstf .restart* \
	urgReport *.so vc_hdrs.h


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