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overriding uvm report severity

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Is there a way to override PH_TIMEOUT severity from UVM_ERROR to UVM_WARNING.


I tried using



in the cmd line, but unsuccessful.


The `uvm_error call is at src/base/uvm_phase.svh(1215)

Can someone help me out please.


Many thanks.

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A report catcher is ideal for this situation. There is an example in the UVM 1.1 reference manual.


Q: Did you put single quotes around the +uvm_set_severity option when passing to the tools? NOTE: If you have wrappers around your tools, this can be quite tricky as some wrappers make passing of special characters such as asterisk (*), question mark (?), etc. difficult indeed.

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in order to avoid shell wrappers and shells messing around with the special characters just put 




into a somename.f file and have your simulator utilize the .f file via -f somename.f



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Thanks for the reply.


I tried it both single-quoted and .f way, still didnt work.

I also tried with different paths, like uvm_test_top.env_h.* etc.

env_h is the env where all uvm_component are instanciated under.

Is it applied to all level hierarchies down?


And tried _ALL_ for the current severity. None of that change anything.


It's uvm-1.1 under vcs v2012.09-mx.

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