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Performance Modeling,Behavioural Modeling,Register Modelling


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Perhaps the issue is focusing on the problem each tries to accomplish. All three involve 'modeling', which is 'a standard or example for imitation or comparison.'


Performance modeling is used to compare or analyze performance of a proposed design. In electronic design, it is often the communications that are under scrutiny, but a processor model might look at the performance of a particular instruction set.


Register modeling usually means creating simulated registers to allow examination of how well a particular design works. Sometimes register models are used to provide software designers an early look at proposed hardware.


Behavioural modeling is often a way of contrasting a very open easy style of writing a model versus detail RTL modeling. RTL (register transfer language) has rules and details that make it harder to write.


These terms are very fluid and may vary from one group to the next. The moment you nail one down, somebody will invent a new term for their particular flavor.


When you encounter these terms, it is best to ask what they want to accomplish with them.

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