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Accessing SystemC from SystemVerilog TB


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Hi All,

I have a basic SystemC TB which has VHDL DUT and some systemC TB components instantiated.

Now I want to build a SystemVerilog UVM TB on top of this systemC TB.


1. Is it possible to do this?

2. How to access systemC TB components (like systemC threads, systemC variables & systemC events, etc..) from SystemVerilog TB?


Please help to clarify this basic query.


Thanks in advance!

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Likely as not you will also need to reword your SystemC TB somewhat (or perhaps even remove to be replaced by SystemVerilog driven version). What I mean is that SystemVerilog/UVM probably needs to be able to control the SystemC model. At very least, there needs to be a way to halt and progress time externally. Another approach is to have the SystemVerilog issue commands to the fabric. Quite a lot of this depends on exactly what you are modeling.

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