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virtual platforms, architectural exploration


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Hey CAM,


I have been in conversation with many people around for the same topic. underwritten are some replies:




It just mimics the functionality of hardware?In case if we have hardware,then what is the purpose of virtual plate forms?

1: WRT to hardware already built: it can be used as golden reference model for future enhancements as new features can easily be embedded to it then to hardware , thus indeed helping the driver team to run the updated driver on it.


2: in case the SOC already built need to be integrated to some other large SOC then this virtual platform there it is playing the vital role as above




What are things we explore in architectural exploration?How we do that?

WRT to architectural exploration , needs to create daisy chain equation using matlab or other tool which can thus be simulated using virtual platform: - courtesy : `best architect`


thats all i know , some others may add better.




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Virtual platforms can be written much faster than actual hardware implementation and simulate much faster.


Virtual platforms should be written in days vs months. In other words at least an order of magnitude faster to write.


They should execute 100-100,000 times faster as well. This means they can be used before hardware design is completed to develop software on. Also, they can be used in a mixed-level simulation to speed up results of RTL simulations when the focus is on other parts of the system still represented in RTL.


Also virtual platforms can be used to debug problems that are almost impossible to debug in hardware because you can set breakpoints and single step them.


Many other good reasons and uses.

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