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Questions regarding generic payload queue

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I have designed a data packet class having data members as address, data pointer, burst length.. and so on. I created an sc_fifo for request and response for this packet. basically everything here is written in systemC. Can you please tell me how do i incorporate generic payload queue here and remove the sc_fifo so that i am able to convert the systemC code into TLM2.0 ..


P.s : Please reply ASAP thank you in advance.. 

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A cheap; albeit, imperfect, solution would be to put all elements except address, and burst information into the data portion (payload, checksums, and other decorations) of the generic payload (GP). Perhaps remove those elements (the ones already handled by GP), and then:

#include <tlm>
Your_struct data;
tlm::tlm_generic_payload* gp;
gp = memory_manager.allocate();
gp->set_data_ptr(reinterpret_cast<unsigned char*>(&data));

Alternately, you could use TLM 2.0 with your custom data structure, but it won't interoperate with other TLM components that don't know about your structure. If you are using TLM for a network application rather than the targeted memory mapped bus use case, then this approach might be valid. You can of course use TLM 2.0 extensions to put additional fields on the data, but this is certainly a less standard approach. The closer you come to using the GP unmodified, the more interoperable your TLM IP will be.

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Yet another question regarding the same..


If i have 

struct My_struct




buerst lenght

byte enable







some inline functions









now how do I map These struct elements to to generic payload like


trans->set_address(???);  // map value of struct here

trans -> setdatapointer(???) // map values of struct element



similarly all the attributes/....


Thank you in advance.. I need to do these.. kindly help

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