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  1. Hi Alan, I have had a look into that as well but it being an advanced topic is not helping me much.. I am looking for basic examples.. Thanx and regards, Kas
  2. Hi, I am a newbie and struggling with TLM2.0 generic payload extensions.. Can anyone help me with an example .. say to include a port ID or a Tag to already existing payload??? P.S. ---- (I am not getting the example in LRM) Thanx and regards. Kas
  3. Yet another question regarding the same.. If i have struct My_struct { addr *data buerst lenght byte enable R/w tag port_id some inline functions ... ... ... ... } now how do I map These struct elements to to generic payload like trans->set_command(); trans->set_address(???); // map value of struct here trans -> setdatapointer(???) // map values of struct element .... .. similarly all the attributes/.... Thank you in advance.. I need to do these.. kindly help
  4. Hi, I have designed a data packet class having data members as address, data pointer, burst length.. and so on. I created an sc_fifo for request and response for this packet. basically everything here is written in systemC. Can you please tell me how do i incorporate generic payload queue here and remove the sc_fifo so that i am able to convert the systemC code into TLM2.0 .. P.s : Please reply ASAP thank you in advance..
  5. Thanks, One more question: Do we have to create separate memory manager for nb_transport ??????
  6. Hi, My question is , can a single socket be used as initiator and target both at a time?? If yes how? Regards, Kas
  7. Hi guys, Now I have coded a compile clean model of TLM2.0 for a simple initiator and a target and have included PEQ. Now How do I run some cycles to make sure the outputs are correct.. Basically I need to understand what actually do you mean by running cycles through a code.....so i have a task to make sure some cyles go through the code.... Kindly help and explain... Regards, Kas
  8. Hello, I tried modeling an initiator and a target and used PEQ.. but I am getting the following error.. what can be the reason??? In file included from target.h:3, from main.cpp:3: ../../TLM-2009-07-15/include/tlm/tlm_utils/simple_target_socket.h: In constructor 'tlm_utils::simple_target_socket<MODULE, BUSWIDTH, TYPES>::fw_process::fw_process(tlm_utils::simple_target_socket<MODULE, BUSWIDTH, TYPES>*)': ../../TLM-2009-07-15/include/tlm/tlm_utils/simple_target_socket.h:189: error: invalid use of incomplete type 'struct sc_core::sc_spawn_options' ../../systemc
  9. The point is i want to send multiple transactions via same initiator without them being blocked.(I want to add a wait() or something similar to wait() in nb_transport).... Or assume a FIFO between the initiator and target , so i want to make that FIFO an infinite one. P.S. : Plz reply ASAP its urgent
  10. HI, I am a newbee to TLM2.0. My problem statement is as follows: i am using a non_blocking interface, AT style coding, I have a initiator and a target. I want to transfer various transactions from initiator to the target continuously without without blocking any of them. so, will PEQ come to my rescue?
  11. Another question... Now I have some interfaces in a pre existing code.. I just wanna change it to TLM interface.. Can I just replace them with TLM 2.0 commands???
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