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  1. Hi, Kas IEEE1666-2011 : 16.3 Payload event queue Doesn't it become your support? Regards, Kocha
  2. Hi, zareie I have fixed the problem. Please try the following program. int sc_main(int argc,char* argv[]) { digit t1(8); sc_signal <digit> d1; d1.write(t1); sc_start(10, SC_NS); // <- add cout<<"value:"<<d1<<endl; } Best regards, Kocha
  3. Hi, zareie Is digit class have "ostream& operator << ( ostream& os, MyType const & v )" ?
  4. Hi, Philipp The owner of this script so @ytakatsukasa, it is not me. I'll try to talk to him. Regards, kocha
  5. Hi, thomas I using this script to new vcd file. Manipulate the Hierarchy of VCDs generated by ASI (OSCI) PoC SystemC Simulator http://thawedoutnow.blogspot.jp/2013/04/manipulate-hierarchy-of-vcds-generated.html Regards, kocha
  6. Hi, Thank you for giving a reply. I modify configure.in and execute autoreconf. It has checked operating normally. Is there any schedule by which configure is released officially? Best Regards, kocha
  7. How to do install SystemC in clang? I tried to configure error... > $ ./configure CC=clang CXX=clang++ > : > : > > configure: error: "sorry...compiler not supported" configure check c++ compiler "c++" or "g++" only. Why? I modified configure file. (example: Linux OS) > L 5082 case "$CXX_COMP" in c++ | g++ | clang++ ) Could you please check whether no problem in this fix? Best Regards, kocha
  8. Hi, jayakirthi Why need a timing checks SystemC model? I think it unnecessary to perform a timing check by SystemC. However, when generating RTL using a High Level Synthesis tool, it needs to be conscious of timing, but it is it. I am corresponding with a tool and think that it is not necessary to correspond language. Regards, Kocha
  9. Philipp, Thank you for giving a reply. I understood. It is better to use an EDA simulator(vcs,questa,ius...etc) from an OSCI simulator. Best Regards.
  10. Sumit, Thank you for giving a reply. Although it may be difficult to be sure with the present specification, By mounting a trace function in sc_object, I think whether the thing which I would like to do becomes possible. I would like to know the propriety about the specification change here. Best Regards.
  11. Thank you for giving a reply. There is a means to realize the code which I presented. 1. add trace function sc_in/sc_in<bool> ... file:sc_signal_ports.h modify: void trace(sc_trace_file* tf) const{ add_trace(tf, base_type::name()); } 2. compile option 「 -DDEBUG_SYSTEMC」 g++ ... -DDEBUG_SYSTEMC Performing is possible if the above correction is made. But, SystemC log... Info: (I804) /IEEE_Std_1666/deprecated: sc_signal<T>::trace() is deprecated Info: (I804) /IEEE_Std_1666/deprecated: sc_signal<T>::addtrace() is deprecated since -- a reason wants to
  12. Hi, Would you teach? Example, I want to trace sc_in/out/inout and sc_signal of all hierarchy. void all_trace(sc_trace_file *tf, std::vector<sc_object*>& children){ for (std::vector<sc_object*>::iterator i = children.begin(); i != children.end(); i++){ if ( std::string((*i)->kind())=="sc_module" ) { sc_module* mptr = dynamic_cast<sc_module*>(*i); std::vector<sc_object*> r_children = mptr->get_child_objects(); all_trace(tf, r_children); }else if( std::string((*i)->kind()) == "sc_in" || std::string((*i)->kind()) == "sc_out" || std::st
  13. Hi, Thank you for giving a reply. I could get systemc-ams-1.0.tar.gz file. Best regards kocha
  14. Hi. I opened link page, but not found download link. Could you get SystemC-AMS Extention 1.0 library? Best regards
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