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Compilation error in IUS9.2

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I am getting the following compilation error in ISU9.2 for UVM where as it is working fine for Questa

class apb_sv_err_trans extends uvm_sequence_item;


ncvlog: *E,SVNOTY (../../package/apb_sv_err_trans.sv,31|53): Syntactically this identifier appears to begin a datatype but it does not refer to a visible datatype in the current scope.

Please suggest what can be the issue. I have already included uvm_inc.svh



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Hi Nikhil,

It seems from the error message that uvm_sequence_item is not defined which is defined in the uvm_pkg.

I'd check the following:

1) Which version of IUS are you using? We have tested UVM1.0EA release with IUS92s17.

2) How are you compiling your code?

You need:



3) Are you able to run the xbus example included in UVM with your IUS installation?


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Hi Umer,

I have already compiled uvm_pkg like

1) I am using IUS92s18

2) i am already using the following in my compile script



and using following run command

irun -f compile_ius.f -sv

3) currently there is only questa run script present with xbus example but when i am using irun -f compile_ius.f for xbus it is giving compilation error

irun: *E,ELBERR: Error during elaboration (Exec Failed), exiting.


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We use IUS 92-s017 and it runs fine. For the XBUS example a simple script like:

(Inside xbus/examples dir)
irun +UVM_TESTNAME=test_read_modify_write
-incdir ../sv
-incdir ../../../src

works for us. Nothing fancy as far I see. Maybe it is an issue with S18 build (unlikely though), but you may want to try the s17 build.



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