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  1. Hi Umer, I have already compiled uvm_pkg like 1) I am using IUS92s18 2) i am already using the following in my compile script +incdir+$UVM_HOME $UVM_HOME/uvm_pkg.sv and using following run command irun -f compile_ius.f -sv 3) currently there is only questa run script present with xbus example but when i am using irun -f compile_ius.f for xbus it is giving compilation error irun: *E,ELBERR: Error during elaboration (Exec Failed), exiting. Nikhil
  2. Hi, I am getting the following compilation error in ISU9.2 for UVM where as it is working fine for Questa class apb_sv_err_trans extends uvm_sequence_item; | ncvlog: *E,SVNOTY (../../package/apb_sv_err_trans.sv,31|53): Syntactically this identifier appears to begin a datatype but it does not refer to a visible datatype in the current scope. Please suggest what can be the issue. I have already included uvm_inc.svh Regards Nikhil
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