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  1. Hi tedazsx, The UVM1.0EA release already has the user guide and the api reference manual packaged with the distribution kit. I am sure that the Accellera committee will be interested in getting your feedback on what should be improved in these two documents? The user guide describes the flow of building a reusable verification component (xbus) and a simple testbench. Where as the Reference docs provide detailed reference on public objects, properties and methods. Could you please provide more details on what you think lacks in these documents that the developers should improve? Th
  2. Hi Nikhil, It seems from the error message that uvm_sequence_item is not defined which is defined in the uvm_pkg. I'd check the following: 1) Which version of IUS are you using? We have tested UVM1.0EA release with IUS92s17. 2) How are you compiling your code? You need: $UVM_HOME/src/uvm_pkg.sv +incdir+$UVM_HOME/src 3) Are you able to run the xbus example included in UVM with your IUS installation? Umer
  3. Hello Moldyelk, We will be releasing the OVM-ML library in its UVM flavor within the next few months. In the meantime, I'd suggest that you continue to use the ml_ovm package and only migrate to UVM once this library is available. Regards, Umer
  4. Also there is a OVM_UVM_Rename.pl script included in the uvm/bin directory that helps with migration. It basically does a text replacement for class name changes from O to U and tlm to uvm_tlm. Happy migrating... Umer
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