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`uvm_info_context - why use it?

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In addition to the `uvm_info / `uvm_fatal / uvm_error, etc. macros, there are "context" versions: `uvm_info_context / `uvm_fatal_context, etc. The documentation is not exceptionally useful for the latter.


Why would one use the "context" versions of the macros?


Regards - Cliff Cummings

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the *_context variant of the macros can be used when you want the message to appear as if emitted by another object. a common use model would be if all your components use a common helper class which emits a message then typically you want instead of your common helper class appearing in the message the parent component to be printed. 


the _context macros are just



`define uvm_*_context(ID, MSG, CNTXT) \
   begin \
     if (CNTXT.uvm_report_enabled(...)) \
       CNTXT.uvm_report_* (...); \



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Hi Cliff,

  one use is if you're trying to debug a sequence. If you use `uvm_info you'll get the complete path to the sequencer in the reports, which is pretty unwieldy. If you use `uvm_info_context and specify the context as uvm_top, you get nice short messages.


The __FILE__ and __LINE__ still works, as the information is supplied as part of the `uvm_info_context call to the report code. Here's the source



`define uvm_info_context(ID, MSG, VERBOSITY, CNTXT) \
   begin \
     if (CNTXT.uvm_report_enabled(VERBOSITY,UVM_INFO,ID)) \
       CNTXT.uvm_report_info (ID, MSG, VERBOSITY, `uvm_file, `uvm_line); \



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