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sequence is not running - make sure sequencer name 'correct'

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//This is not a question, but me storing some debug notes online, lest I run into this problem again.
//good for debugging this issue, print_topology in particular.  Put them in your test.
      `uvm_info("TEST",$psprintf(" TOPOLOGY..............................."),UVM_HIGH);
      `uvm_info("TEST",$psprintf(" CONFIG_DB_DUMP..............................."),UVM_HIGH);
//When a sequence doesn't run, double-check the following.
//in the test (or wherever) where we assign the sequence to run on a sequencer

//compare the name of the sequencer with the name that is given to the factory for the sequencer, when it is created

//where we create the sequencer (in the agent), what name did we supply to it with the factory?
      m_seq = dpx_xyz_sequencer::type_id::create("dpx_xyz_seq", this);
//make sure they match.  This problem has bitten me a few times.



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there are more ways to find this issue:


1. when enabled (verbosity) you should see a message like this



@ 0 ns: uvm_test_top.m_env.m_iab_test_sequencer [NODEFSEQ] The 
"default_sequence" has not been set. Since this sequencer has a runtime 
phase schedule, the uvm_random_sequence is not being started for the run 


2. via config db trace you would see that the lookup for a "default_sequence" failed. you would also see the exact lookup parameters.


3. when you invoke uvm_component::check_config_usage() you would see some uvm_config_db settings have not been used.



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