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UVM Simulation inquestasim 10.0b version

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Can Anybody please tell me how to simulate UVM Program in Questasim 10.0b 


I'm getting the following errors for hello world program The program is in attached file.



# -- Compiling package my_pkg

# -- Importing package mtiUvm.uvm_pkg (uvm-1.0p1 Built-in)

# ** Error: hello_world/class.sv(4): (vlog-2163) Macro `uvm_component_utils is undefined.

# ** Error: hello_world/class.sv(4): near "(": syntax error, unexpected '(', expecting function or task

# -- Compiling module dut

# ** Error: hello_world/dut.sv(2): Undefined variable: dif.

# ** Error: hello_world/dut.sv(2): Illegal use of 'automatic' for variable declaration (dif).

# ** Error: hello_world/dut.sv(1): Identifier must be declared with a port mode: dif.

# ** Error: hello_world/inf.sv(4): near "m": syntax error, unexpected IDENTIFIER, expecting class

# ** Error: hello_world/top.sv(1): near "module": syntax error, unexpected module, expecting IDENTIFIER or TYPE_IDENTIFIER

# C:/questasim_10.0b/win32/vlog failed.



In the attached file program is there.



Please help me.


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You need to include the UVM header file to see the macros in class.sv



`include "uvm_macros.svh"



Download UVM and have a look at the hello_world.sv example if you are not sure where to put this.


I would suggest you try compiling it again after fixing that error - the other errors may be due to those in the first file.




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Please copy the file to the correct location if you install 10.0c and use UVM. With later releases the file should be in the correct place.

The missing files are:


The <uvm_dir> names are: uvm-1.0p1, uvm-1.1 and uvm_reg-1.1.

The files are located at:


Please copy the files to the correct location:

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