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having a sequence wait on a value in the driver

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I'd like my sequence to not be created or not perform late randomization (either is fine) until a variable (int) in the driver has a certain value. How would you suggest doing this?

a) Should I set a variable in uvm_config_db and then poll it in the sequence? (Although sequences know no time as I recall, so I'd have to do it elsewhere. ? )

B) Is it possible to "wait" on a value in uvm_config_db?

c) other

As currently setup,

my sequence has:


//some late randomization here


my driver has:


send(req) //where pins are set


The value in the driver being waited for is akin to a stall.

Apologies for the terseness of this question. After just encountering it late today, I thought I'd throw it out here to see if anyone had any ideas before I reexamine the situation.

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If you use start_item(req) - finish_item(req) instead of using the macros, you can achieve exactly what you want.

You sequence will have

req = my_sequence_item::type_id::create(_);

start_item(req); // blocks until get_next_item() in driver

//some late randomization here

finish_item(req); // blocks until item_done() in driver.

So don't call get_next_item() until the value in your driver has what you want it to have.

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