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Questasim: Problem with "paused" prompt

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Hi there,

I'm facing a quiet annoying problem with my QuestaSim VHDL simulations.

I'm using the following construct in my testbenches to terminate simulations:

report "This is NOT an ERROR. This is the END of my simulation ..." severity failure;

To start my simulation, I run a simple .do script like:




run -all


puts "We're done!"



My problem is that the simulation "breaks" with the "failure" report statement and vsim is in the "paused" state afterwards. This means my macro (my run.do file) is "paused" at the "run -all" line and it won't execute the following statements. To continue the simulation (=execute the rest of the macro), I have to manually type "resume" in the GUI prompt.

The desired behavior for me would be the following:

In GUI mode: Run the full macro and ask if I really want tro exit simulation at the end.

In batch mode: Run the full macro and terminate/exit at the end.

I have already tried to find a solution using the "onfinish {...}" command but this didn't work.

My QuestaSim version: 10.0d (revison 2011/12).

Thank's a lot for your help!


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