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VCS and UVM Transaction Recording

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Does VCS support UVM transaction recording? How can I do that? Latest I have available is 2011.12, and I'm supposedly using a UVM 1.1 implementation provided by Synopsys. I found some blurb about $vcdplusmsglog to record transaction streams. Don't tell me that I have to sprinkle that code into my UVM code base alongside the begin_tr/end_tr stuff. The UVM I have is intended to run on multiple simulators.

BTW, Questa and Incisive have UVM transaction recording with next to no additional effort to enable.

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I'd strongly recommend that you debug using VCS2012.09-1.

Whilst UVM transaction and log/message recording has been in VCS since 2010.06 streams, the latest versions always implement much better debug features.

First view the debug webinar.


then use it.

vcs -ntb_opts uvm -debug_all blah blah blah

./simv +UVM_TR_RECORD +UVM_LOG_RECORD -gui +*blah blah



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