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  1. Assuming the driver and monitor share the same parent (agent), which is conventional, then you can access any public (i.e. not local, not protected) variables through the parent handle: Agent: my_driver m_drv; my_monitor m_mon; Driver: int unsigned m_pkt_len; Monitor: my_agent m_parent_handle; int unsigned m_pkt_len; // Not the same as m_pkt_len in the driver. ... task run_phase(uvm_phase phase); $cast(m_parent_handle, get_parent()); // Capture the handle of the parent, which should be the agent. m_pkt_len = m_parent_handle.m_drv.m_pkt_len; // Copy packet length
  2. In do_unpack, you can return the total packet size by querying the packer, then calculate the payload size by subtracting the known sizes of the other fields: virtual function void do_unpack(uvm_packer packer); int unsigned packet_size_in_bytes; super.do_unpack(packer); ´╗┐packet_size_in_bytes = packer.get_packed_size() / $bits(byte); payload_size_in_bytes = packet_size_in_bytes - ( ($bits(sync) + $bits(sof) + $bits(header) + $bits(crc) + $bits(eof)) / $bits(byte) ); // -- Allocate the payload array. // -- Unpack everything here. endfunction : do_unpa
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