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However, if you intend to provide an initial value before anyone reads the signal, that can be accomplished during start_of_simulation.

SystemC is designed with idea that hardware is fabricated (I.e., constructed or instantiated) and connected (aka port binding) before power is applied (i.e., active simulation starts). Formally, this is broken up into two major phases known as elaboration (i.e., construction and binding) and simulation. 

You can read about this in the standard (IEEE 1666-2023) sections 4.2 (elaboration) and 4.3 (simulation). You can obtain a free copy of the standard via a download at the end of https://systemc.org/overview/systemc/ .

If you are trying to simulate the idea of dynamic connections (e.g., plugging in/out a USB port or cell phones coming within range of a tower), you can accomplish that by fully connecting up all possible USB devices to a custom channel and then managing the state fo that channel (e.g., active or inactive).

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