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How to dangle unused socket in systemc2.3.3


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I'v declared a target socket as below inside a sc_module:

tlm_utils::multi_passthrough_initiator_socket<base_class_name, 32, my_cmd_protocol_t, 0, SC_ZERO_OR_MORE_BOUND> my_socket_name;

This socket is only used in some simulation platforms, to make my code consistent, it's declared here.

This code passes compiling phase, while in run phase, it reports: 

Error: (E109) complete binding failed: export not bound: export 'my_socket_name' (tlm_target_socket) In file: sc_export.cpp:137

After checking the source code:

SystemC 2.3.3: 

    if ( get_interface() == 0 )
        report_error( SC_ID_COMPLETE_BINDING_, "export not bound" );
        // may continue, if suppressed

    sc_module* parent = static_cast<sc_module*>( get_parent_object() );
    sc_object::hierarchy_scope scope( parent );

My question is that, is there any way I can dangle this socket (since the comment indicates there might be some way to suppress this error).


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A TLM2.0 socket consist of 2 parts: the port connecting to another socket and an export exposing interfaces to be connected to a port. If you use SC_ZERO_OR_MORE_BOUND this only changes the port part which is fine since you don't want to connect to a target socket. But the export needs to have an bw interface implementation. For an initiator module this should not be a problem as the it needs to bind a bw interface. For a hierarchical port you may bind a dummy implementation of the bw interface.

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