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Error: (E112) get interface failed: port is not bound: port 'core_pim.decoder_addr.IN' (sc_object) In file: ../../../../src/sysc/communication/sc_port.cpp:231


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This error points to my decoder module. But the module by itself works fine when isolated.

I think its complaining about this:


because the stimulus is not getting instantiated for some reason. Nothing gets printed out from the stimulus module and hence all the outputs printed are zero.

Can't figure out the reason for this. Please guide me.


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The problem is elsewhere (during elaboration - but not specifically because you left a port unconnected). This is your `PIM` constructor:

    PIM(sc_module_name name): sc_module(name)
        sensitive << sY_bit << A << B;

        /* Etc.. */
        decoder<2*N> decoder_addr("decoder_addr");
        register_file<1<<(2*N),N> func_regs("func_regs");
        /* Etc... */

Note that the `decoder_addr` (and `func_regs`, `AMux`, `BMux`, etc) are getting instantiated as local variables inside the constructor. These will get destroyed once the constructor execution is complete. You need to fix that.

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