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UVM1.2 with modelsim 2021.4

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I tried to run an example from EDA playground https://www.edaplayground.com/x/296 with modelsim 2021.4 and run into the following errors

# ** Fatal: (vsim-160) C:/Projects/uvm_1_2/src//dpi/uvm_svcmd_dpi.svh(27): Null foreign function pointer encountered when calling 'uvm_dpi_get_next_arg_c'
#    Time: 0 ns  Iteration: 0  Process: /uvm_pkg/#INITIAL#610 File: C:/Projects/uvm_1_2/src//dpi/uvm_svcmd_dpi.svh
# Fatal error in Module uvm_pkg at C:/Projects/uvm_1_2/src//dpi/uvm_svcmd_dpi.svh line 27

# HDL call sequence:
# Stopped at C:/Projects/uvm_1_2/src//dpi/uvm_svcmd_dpi.svh 27 Module uvm_pkg
# called from  C:/Projects/uvm_1_2/src//dpi/uvm_svcmd_dpi.svh 32 Function uvm_dpi_get_next_arg
# called from  C:/Projects/uvm_1_2/src//base/uvm_cmdline_processor.svh 247 Function uvm_pkg/uvm_cmdline_processor::new
# called from  C:/Projects/uvm_1_2/src//base/uvm_cmdline_processor.svh 62 Function uvm_pkg/uvm_cmdline_processor::get_inst
# called from  C:/Projects/uvm_1_2/src//base/uvm_root.svh 339 Function uvm_pkg/uvm_root::new
# called from  C:/Projects/uvm_1_2/src//base/uvm_root.svh 271 Function uvm_pkg/uvm_root::m_uvm_get_root
# called from  C:/Projects/uvm_1_2/src//base/uvm_coreservice.svh 198 Function uvm_pkg/uvm_default_coreservice_t::get_root
# called from  C:/Projects/uvm_1_2/src//base/uvm_root.svh 326 Function uvm_pkg/uvm_root::get
# called from  C:/Projects/uvm_1_2/src//base/uvm_root.svh 315 Module uvm_pkg

I am not sure how to approach this problem

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