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Dynamic Module in SystemC


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Hello everyone,

I have a question for doing my thesis:

Is it possible to add and delete or suspend and resume modules in the SystemC during the simulation is running?

As far as I know, one of the ways is to use the sc_spawn, but I need modules like spawned processes to have this capability.

I read an article with this topic: "Proposal of Dynamic Module Library for System Level Modeling and Simulation of Dynamically Reconfigurable Systems" (Paper Link), that they have developed this feature which is named Dynamic Module, But unfortunately I don't have access to its source code.

I really need this feature. I would be grateful if you could guide me.

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SystemC components (sc_module, sc_channel, sc_port, sc_export, and sc_prim_channel) are considered to be like blocks of silicon. They are created before the simulator starts time during a phase called elaboration. Elaboration starts when you create (instantiate) the first component. After elaboration closes there are some intermediate phases (end_of_elaboration and start_of_simulation) at which point it is no longer legal to create new components. This differs from processes, data objects (e.g., transactions) created, modified and, passed during run-time. Processes can be created, suspended, resumed, disabled, enabled, reset and killed during runtime. Processes are where all the action occurs during simulation.

If you created your own custom channels with internal routing and switches, you can dynamically route information between all connected components using your custom channels. You could create a pool of N modules maximally interconnected to these routing channels and then manage suspend/resume and routing at run-time. It's straight-forward SystemC for any competent SystemC coder.


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