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Incorrect registerFile range in 1685-2009


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In 1685-2009 standard pdf at page 484, there is an example of registerFile with 8 registers combined in an array with 32 bit gap. There the range mentioned is 0x10 which I think is incorrect, it should be 8. Am I right ?

Here is how the example is specified in the above pdf

<!-- 8 registers combined in an array with 32 bit gap -->
<!-- LINK: registerFile: see
6.11.6, Register file -->


Thank you


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Hi Kushi,

The example is correct. The range value shall be such that the whole content of the register file fits. This register file contains 1 register of size 32. The memory map has addressUnitBits with value 8. Hence, the range shall be at least 4. The range value also determines the distance between two consecutive elements of the register file array. In the example, the register file range is 0x10, so the 8 elements of the register file array are located at address offsets 0x200, 0x210, 0x220, ... , 0x270.

Best regards,

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