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  1. Hello How I can specify a parameter in IP-Xact 2014 with default value is empty (e.g. empty string). If I just omit the value like <ipxact:value></ipxact:value> or <ipxact:value/>, the schema validation fails xml code : <ipxact:parameter parameterId="param1id"> <ipxact:name>param1</ipxact:name> <ipxact:value></ipxact:value> </ipxact:parameter> xmllint -noout -schema schema/1685-2014/index.xsd test.xml test.xml:146: element value: Schemas validity error : Element '{http://www.accellera.org/XMLSchema/IPXACT/1685-2014}value': [facet 'minLength'] The value has a length of '0'; this underruns the allowed minimum length of '1'. test.xml:146: element value: Schemas validity error : Element '{http://www.accellera.org/XMLSchema/IPXACT/1685-2014}value': '' is not a valid value of the atomic type '{http://www.accellera.org/XMLSchema/IPXACT/1685-2014}simpleBaseExpression'. test.xml fails to validate Thank you Khushi
  2. Hi I am bit confused over which elements in IP-Xact 2014 can be parameterized. In 2019 we used to look for spirit:dependent/spirit:dependency attribute with elements in the schema/html files to know what can be parameterized or what not but in 2014 I am not able to find what we can parametrized. Is there some section in the standard document which can tell this information that what can be expressed using parameters and what not ? Also Annex E in 2014 standard says "This standard utilizes SystemVerilog expressions as a means to specify an equation as the value of an element. Expressions can be specified for all predefined element values having an associated type (see C.3 and C.18) that allows for an expression to be specified" Can we specify parameterized expression for all elements or a set of predefined elements ? If only for a set of predefined elements where we can find the list of elements ? Thanks in advance for the clarifications. Thanks Khushi
  3. Thank you Erwin. Does it mean, instead of following <ipxact:field><ipxact:pathSegments> <ipxact:pathSegment> <ipxact:pathSegmentName>system.comp.reg.fld</ipxact:pathSegmentName> </ipxact:pathSegment> </ipxact:pathSegments> </ipxact:field> I should put it like the following(to avoid '.' in pathSegment) <ipxact:field><ipxact:pathSegments> <ipxact:pathSegment> <ipxact:pathSegmentName>system</ipxact:pathSegmentName> </ipxact:pathSegment> <ipxact:pathSegment> <ipxact:pathSegmentName>comp</ipxact:pathSegmentName> </ipxact:pathSegment> <ipxact:pathSegment> <ipxact:pathSegmentName>reg</ipxact:pathSegmentName> </ipxact:pathSegment> <ipxact:pathSegment> <ipxact:pathSegmentName>fld</ipxact:pathSegmentName> </ipxact:pathSegment> </ipxact:pathSegments> </ipxact:field> My another question is do we just put the hdl path completely inside the field elements or split it and specify individually the relevant part into addressblock, register and field and the tool will get all the part and concatenate them to create full hdl path ? Can you also provide some example ipxact or pointers ? Thanks Khushi
  4. Hello All In IPXact, how we can specify the field access path ? For example, if their is a field 'fld' in a register 'reg" which access path 'system.comp.reg.fld' then, can we store the full path at field itself or do we need to store a part at addressBlock, another part at register and remianing at field level and in the later case need to concatnate the paths to get full hdl path of the field. Which one is recommended Can we store the full path at field itself as below <ipxact:field> <ipxact:name>fld</ipxact:name> <ipxact:accessHandles> <ipxact:accessHandle> <ipxact:slices> <ipxact:slice> <ipxact:pathSegments> <ipxact:pathSegment> <ipxact:pathSegmentName>system.comp.reg.fld</ipxact:pathSegmentName> </ipxact:pathSegment> </ipxact:pathSegments> </ipxact:slice> </ipxact:slices> </ipxact:accessHandle> </ipxact:accessHandles> </ipxact:field> or we need to separate the hdl path on "." and use the accessHandle element at field, register and address block level to specify the corresponding sub path, like address block => system.comp register => reg field => fld Which is the correct and recommended way to capture field hdl path ? Thanks Khushi
  5. Hello All I have a scenario where a field reset value is determined by a port means that port will drive the reset value. Is it possible to represent this in IPXact ? Thanks Khushi
  6. Hello All I am looking at section C.18.1 in IP-Xact 1685-2014 document and noticed ipxact:vectors/ipxact:arrays element inside that, as shown below I am bit confused over the significance of vectors/arrays elements inside parameter xsd. I am not able to find any example where vectors/arrays elements can be used with the parameters. Can these be used to represent an array of parameters e.g. "parameter integer PARAMS[3:0] = {1,2,3,4}' or 'parameter [3:0] PARAM [7:0] ? If yes which part needs to be captured using vectors element and which part needs to be captured using arrays element Thanks Khushi
  7. Thanks Erwin Why in the standard we have two different elements (register and registerFile) ? Why not all capabilities (from simple to complex) are supported using simple register element. Is there some specific reason to have two elements (register for simple register sand registerFile for complex registers e.g. arrays, interleaved etc) > Can we write the IPXact registers descriptions entirely using register files? Are EDA tools supporting registerFile elements to generate UVM or C files? Regarding when we should use register and when registerFile => Can we use registerFile when complex array kind of things are not expressible using register ? Thank Khushi
  8. Hi I have a scenario where I have total 8 identical 32 bit registers back to back but placed 64 bit apart , for example reg1 @0x0, reg2@0x8, reg3@0x10, reg4@0x18 and so on in IPxact, can I represent this as a single register with ipxactL:dim set to 8 ? If yes, I do not find an element which specify that they are 64 bit apart. Is there a way to represent such registers in IPXact in compact way rather then specifying 8 different identical registers ? Thanks Khushi
  9. Hi In IPXACT standard document, I see inside an address block we can have either register or registerFile. In the same context I have following questions - What is the difference between register and registerfile in ipxact ? - When we should use register element or registerfile element to describe registers? Thanks Khushi
  10. Hi Erwin Thanks for your comments. Is it something which is mentioned in section 3.1.6 in https://www.accellera.org/images/downloads/standards/ip-xact/IP-XACT_User_Guide_2018-02-16.pdf Thank Khushi
  11. Hi Which element is IP-Xact is translated to uvm_reg_map in UVM ? In IP-xact, I have a slave interface(e.g. APB) to configure the registers(read/write). This slave interface has a memory map reference. In that memory map there are two address block and each address block has a set of registers. From here: IPxact registers => uvm reg IPxact register block => uvm reg block IPxact memory map => ?? ?? => uvm_reg_map. Thanks in advance Khushi
  12. In IP-Xact there is a section localMemoryMap inside address space which looks similar to the memoryMap. I am not sure to understand the difference between the two and what should be used and when. Can you help me on this ? Also in IP-xact, is it possible to define a register somewhere and instantiate it or use it at other places ? Thanks Khushi
  13. Hi I have a set of registers which can be accessed from two different addr maps (uvm_reg_map) and both sees these addresses at different address. We are trying to generate such uvm registers through IP-Xact. In IP-Xact I can specify registers/register blocks but I am not sure how to specify the fact that one register/register block can be seen at different address via different map/interface. How I can specify the uvm_reg_map in IP-Xact ? Any clue/example help on this please ? Thanks Khushi
  14. Hi I am trying to understand whileBoxElement in IP-XACT and its usage. Can someone explain this and provide some examples. Thanks
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