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UVM Factory override and compilation issue

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Dear All,

I have an env that I am factory overriding with a new env called new_env. In new_env I have an agent called agent that doesn’t exist in env and is only instanced in new_env. In my test, that overrides env with new_env, I want to start a sequence on agent. Since new_env doesn't exist from the compilers point of view until the build_phase() (runtime) is done, the compiler errors due to the agent not existing.

How do I inform the compiler that new_env will exist once we're in runtime?


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- use the config_db so your sequencer starts the sequence you want

- start the sequence manually from the appropriate phase hooks inside new_env

- $cast your env to the new_env type if its a new_env, then start the sequence


Thanks Uwe! I tried your 3rd suggestion and it worked. Excellent!

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