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Can we assign value to sc_out while no obvious channel?


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There is sc_in A in module MA, sc_out B in module MB.

MA.A is binded to MB.B directly.

Can we assign value to B in MB? But where is the channel?


As I know, sc_in and sc_out are all sc_port with related interface, we should have related channel to be connected to these two ports.

Thanks in advance.


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It is not correct to bind a port to another port directly except in the case of a hierarchical connection. Furthermore, there is no such thing as an input port or an output port in SystemC. Ports are simply sophisticated pointers to channel objects that provide methods for exchanging information. Some methods are directional in nature by g to heir behavior. For instance, sc_signal<int>::write(value) deposits it’s contents into memory managed by the sc_signal<int> channel. 

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