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Running SystemC on new Apple M1 silicon

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Managed to run SystemC on new Apple M1 silicon, following are the steps 

1. modify configure file, add the following code highlighted in red

     # check CPU architecture

     case ${target_cpu} in #(

         x86_64|amd64) :



          QT_ARCH="x86_64" ;; #(

  x*86|i*86) :


          QT_ARCH="iX86" ;; #(

  powerpc64) :



          QT_ARCH="pthreads" ;; #(

  powerpc) :



          QT_ARCH="powerpc-apple-macosx" ;; #(

  arm) :



          QT_ARCH="pthreads" ;;



  *) :

    as_fn_error $? "\"sorry...architecture not supported\"" "$LINENO" 5 ;;

2. install g++ using homebrew

brew install gcc

3. setting CXX  and point to the homebrew g++-11 in step 2, run configure

export CXX=g++-11 


4. make all

5. make check

I would like to encourage others to share their experience of porting systemC to this new mac silicon. 

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Thanks William for this, worked as a charm for me. I've made similar changes to the configure for SystemC AMS and succeeded in building it too. Too bad a google search on build systemc apple m1 doesn't point to this, would have saved me some time.

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