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IP-XACT 2014 Elements which can be parametrized


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I am bit confused over which elements in IP-Xact 2014 can be parameterized.

In 2019 we used to look for spirit:dependent/spirit:dependency attribute with elements in the schema/html files to know what can be parameterized or what not but in 2014 I am not able to find what we can parametrized. 

Is there some section in the standard document which can tell this information that what can be expressed using parameters and what not ?

Also Annex E in 2014 standard says "This standard utilizes SystemVerilog expressions as a means to specify an equation as the value of an
element. Expressions can be specified for all predefined element values having an associated type (see C.3
and C.18) that allows for an expression to be specified

Can we specify parameterized expression for all elements or a set of predefined elements ?  If only for a set of predefined elements where we can find the list of elements ?

Thanks in advance for the clarifications.




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Hi Kushi,

The standard contains Annex C.3 complexBaseExpression which can be any of the following:

— realExpression (see C.3.1)
— signedLongintExpression (see C.3.2)
— stringExpression (see C.3.3)
— stringURIExpression (see C.3.4)
— unsignedBitExpression (see C.3.5)
— unsignedBitVectorExpression (see C.3.6)
— unsignedIntExpression (see C.3.7)
— unsignedLongintExpression (see C.3.8)
— unsignedPositiveIntExpression (see C.3.9)
— unsignedPositiveLongintExpression (see C.3.10)

If an IP-XACT element is of a type that is mentioned here, then its value can be an expression.

For example, on page 91, the field volatile element is of type boolean so it is not parameterizable, while the field reserved element is of type unsignedBitExpression so it is parameterizable. Note that the standard contains an error here because for reserved the default value false is not a legal value. This should be 0.

Best regards,

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