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Usage poll, part 1 (shared in DVCon Birds of a Feather)

DVCon Birds of Feather Poll- part 1  

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  1. 1. Which versions of the UVM have been used in production at your company in the past year?

    • UVM 1.1d or earlier
    • UVM 1.2
    • IEEE 1800.2-2017
    • IEEE 1800.2-2020
  2. 2. When you use the UVM where do you get the library from?

    • An unmodified copy of the Accellera download
    • A copy of the Accellera download modified by my company
    • A copy of the Accellera download supplied by my simulation vendor
    • A copy of the Accellera download supplied by my simulation vendor, modified by my company
    • Don't know
  3. 3. If your code was already compatible with the latest version of the UVM library how long would it be before you migrated?

    • Immediately
    • When the library passes internal testing/evaluation
    • At the beginning of the next project
    • At the beginning of the next wave of projects
    • Never, see no need to migrate

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I'd like to forward what @tudor.timi (and others) mentioned in the session. While I know that https://github.com/accellera/uvm is not an official repository and – I guess – the official repository is sitting behind the the Accellera Membership paywall; a more open approach of the source code might be quite helpful both in the adoption and the testing area.

While I know that the latest source can be downloaded and a release note is supplied with the download, in my opinion sometimes a git log/diff would be more helpful for a developer. (And doing a git pull instead of a download and extract is much easier for sure.)

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