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  1. I'd like to forward what @tudor.timi (and others) mentioned in the session. While I know that https://github.com/accellera/uvm is not an official repository and – I guess – the official repository is sitting behind the the Accellera Membership paywall; a more open approach of the source code might be quite helpful both in the adoption and the testing area. While I know that the latest source can be downloaded and a release note is supplied with the download, in my opinion sometimes a git log/diff would be more helpful for a developer. (And doing a git pull instead of a download and extrac
  2. There is a strange occurrence of Unicode characters used in the following source file of UVM: 1800.2-2020-1.1/src/dpi/uvm_hdl_vcs.c at line 37. #if defined(VCSMX_FAST_UVM) && !defined(MHPI_FAST_UVM) #error “UVM_ERROR: THIS VERSION OF VCS DOESN’T SUPPORT VCSMX_FAST_UVM. Compile without -DVCSMX_FAST_UVM” #endif Some C compilers/GCC versions might treat the “ (U+201C, Left Double Quotation Mark) and ” (U+201D, Right Double Quotation Mark) as invalid in identifiers and thus result in a compilation error. I guess it is tied to Synopsys hence the VCS tag, but it might still need a fix
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