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Systemc executable cannot be built

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Hi. When using ./configure to create make files for systemc-AMS, I get the message :

"Systemc executable cannot be built ... Used CXXFLAGS....Used LIBS:/home/computation/Desktop/systemc-2.3.3-install/lib-linux64 -lsystemc . This check can be disabled with --disable-systemc_compile_check."

I bypassed this with --disable-systemc_compile_check, however I guess this is the source of problems I am facing now with AMS.

My systemc home is : /home/computation/Desktop/systemc-2.3.3-install , and it contains three folders named include, lib and share. It does not contain any folder named lib-linux64.

How can I fix this? 

Many thanks in advance

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53 minutes ago, David Black said:

Compile checks are to ensure that you are using the same version of GCC and SystemC and flags to build the code as was used to compile the library. Everything needs to use the same tool/library set. This includes the version of the C++ standard you are using (suggest C++14 or better).

I have built systemc 2.3.3 with -DCMAKE_CXX_STANDARD=14 , however when using ./configure to create make files for systemc-AMS this is printed:

checking for SystemC library arch suffix ...default (TARGET_ARCH=linux64)


checking for systemc>=2.2.0 ... no

And at the end I get the message in the first post. 

I was wondering since I have a folder called lib and not lib-linux64 in my systemc home, maybe I should somehow change the systemc library arch suffix. I do not know how to do that.

If there is a version difference issue I don't have an idea where it is coming from. 

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To fix the issue, you can simply create a symbolic link lib-linux64, which points to lib, inside your SystemC installation directory /home/computation/Desktop/systemc-2.3.3-install using:

cd /home/computation/Desktop/systemc-2.3.3-install
ln -s lib lib-linux64

The experimental CMake-based build system distributed with SystemC provides to this end the setting INSTALL_LIB_TARGET_ARCH_SYMLINK. If enabled (default is OFF), the symlink is automatically created during installation of the SystemC library. Ideally, all SystemC-related libraries would provide a CMake-based build system, which would detect SystemC based on the created configuration files. However, this still requires some improvements to SystemC's CMake files to update them to modern CMake conventions and then equivalent enhancements to the build systems of the other libraries. This is a considerable amount of work, we are currently lacking resources for.

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