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IPXact parameter XSD : vectors/arrays elements


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Hello All

I am looking at section C.18.1 in IP-Xact 1685-2014 document and noticed ipxact:vectors/ipxact:arrays element inside that, as shown below


I am bit confused over the significance of vectors/arrays elements inside parameter xsd. I am not able to find any example where vectors/arrays elements can be used with the parameters. 

Can these be used to represent an array of parameters  e.g.  "parameter integer PARAMS[3:0] = {1,2,3,4}'  or 'parameter [3:0] PARAM  [7:0] ? If yes which part needs to be captured using vectors element and which part needs to be captured using arrays element




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Hello Kushi,

Yes indeed you can think of this as arrays of parameters. Section 6.12.6 Module parameters also describes these vectors and arrays. For module parameters, the arrays described the unpacked dimensions of a parameter and the vectors describe the packed dimensions. So for parameter [3:0] PARAM  [7:0], [3:0] is a vector and [7:0] is an array. For parameters it works the same as for module parameters, although a parameter does not directly describe an HDL language parameter.

Best regards,

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