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IPXACT array of registers where there are space in between


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I have a scenario where I have total 8 identical 32 bit registers back to back but placed 64 bit apart , for example reg1 @0x0, reg2@0x8, reg3@0x10, reg4@0x18 and so on

in IPxact, can I represent this as a single register with ipxactL:dim set to 8 ? If yes, I do not find an element which specify that they are 64 bit apart.

Is there a way to represent such registers in IPXact in compact way rather then specifying 8 different identical registers ?



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Hi Kushi,
No this is not possible. For the next revision of IP-XACT we propose a stride element which indicates the distance between two array elements. For now you have the following options: A) make your register 64 bit wide, B) unroll the registers and do not use dim, C) create a register file with range 8 (64 bits) and dim 8 and put the register in the register file.
Best regards,

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