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Issue with UVM_1800.2-2020-1.0 release -

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  I pulled the latest UVM lib from https://www.accellera.org/images/downloads/standards/uvm/UVM-18002-2020-10tar.gz

Tried compiling a trivial hello-world example using Cadence XLM 20.09 version (I believe this is fairly recent release). Getting some strange compile error as below, though I can dig deeper and fix, wondering what is the recommended version that is compatible with this UVM library. I am able to run UVM 1.1d, UVM 1.2 etc. using this XLM version and so am sure the tool version is fine. It perhaps has to do with some new code inside UVM lib release hence asking here.




TOOL:    xrun(64)    20.09-s001: Started on Jan 02, 2021 at 11:19:58 IST
    -uvmhome /home/srini/proj/CVC/IEEE_UVM/UVM_1800.2-2020-1.0
Compiling UVM packages (uvm_pkg.sv cdns_uvm_pkg.sv) using uvmhome location /home/srini/proj/CVC/IEEE_UVM/UVM_1800.2-2020-1.0
  protected bit m_pending_blocked_gets[process];



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Sorry for multiple replies - I believe I found a fix with some debug:

From the compile log, it led me to uvm_tlm_fifo and I found a define being checked for `ifndef. As a hack I added below line to uvm_macros.svh


`ifdef XCELIUM
// CVC

With that my code compiles and runs. Is this a known issue? Is there a bug tracker for UVM lib out there (Mantis/Git/etc.)? More importantly, is this the recommended fix from UVM dev team?




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