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Where to find an updated user guide of system c


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I received from my company the user guide 2.0 of system c and I started to learn the language on that document. When I tried to write my own code I discovered that this guide is outdated because there are a lot of deprecated declaration. Where I can download an updated version of that document?

I cannot find a user guide on system c download page (there is only a guide of AMS extension).

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I believe the original User Guide was removed; however, there are plenty of resources:

  1. There are many proper examples with documentation (PowerPoint or Markdown or README.txt) inside the Proof of Concept download package (obtain from https://accellera.org/images/downloads/standards/systemc/systemc-2.3.3.tar.gz)
  2. Books such as SystemC: From the Ground Up 2nd Edition (myself et al), SystemC Methodologies and Applications (Muller et al)
  3. The standard itself is fairly readable (obtain free from https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/6134619)

Somewhat more important for many is C++ itself. SystemC describes a methodology and a class library for modeling written in C++. As such, many users struggle with basic syntax because they do not have proficiency in C++. SystemC can be used with C++17; although, many continue to struggle with the old C++98 standard.

Currently, I work as an instructor at Doulos. If you would like formal training for a quick ramp, please consider checking us out: https://www.doulos.com 

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Thank you for your answers.

For my purpose I will probably have to use only the AMS extension of system C but I would like to understand also the basis of system c for the discrete event management.

I retrieved the ieee standard but it doesn't seem an educational document to me. Now I'll take a look at the powerpoints and other materials. If they are not sufficient I'll ask my company to buy me the book.

Meanwhile I discovered that the guide I was reading is in the offical archive in folder systemc-2.3.3/docs/sysc/archived. I found also the functional specification document that helps for the new features of versione 2.0 (like the sc_event). The readme document says:


Note that the SystemC 2.0 User's Guide covers primarily the SystemC 1.0 language features. We recommend that you use the combination of the SystemC 2.0 User's Guide and the Functional Specification for SystemC 2.0 as a User's Guide for the SystemC 2.0 language.

I dont understand why they wrote "Update for SystemC 2.0.1" in the front page of user guide document if it is basically a guide of version 1.0.

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