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UVM register map and IPXACT


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I have a set of registers which can be accessed from two different addr maps (uvm_reg_map) and both sees these addresses at different address.

We are trying to generate such uvm registers through IP-Xact. In IP-Xact I can specify registers/register blocks but I am not sure how to specify the fact that one register/register block can be seen at different address via different map/interface. How I can specify the uvm_reg_map in IP-Xact ?

Any clue/example help on this please ?



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Hi Kushi,

You need to describe the complete system in IP-XACT including the masters with their address spaces. For each master, the address map can be computed and a UVM register model can be generated. Different masters would be able to see the same registers at different locations then. As far as I know, UVM does not support the same register at different addresses allowing write to a register via one address and read of that register via another address.

Best regards,

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