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UVM IEEE v1.1 kill() and m_kill()

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A question regarding the usage kill() and m_kill();


in uvm_squence_base.svh :  the kill() method defined as below

   function void kill();
      if (m_sequence_process != null) begin
        // If we are not connected to a sequencer, then issue kill locally.
          if (m_sequencer == null) begin 

        // We need to drop the objection if we raised it...
        if (get_automatic_phase_objection()) begin
             m_safe_drop_starting_phase("automatic phase objection");


    function void m_kill();
      foreach(children_array[i]) begin


     I am debugging an infinite-loop caused by a sequence which never got killed(stop_sequences()) 

   Not sure how above kill() and m_kill() works if I have m_sequencer == null. and using  virtual_sequence to control a couple of layers of sub_sequences.





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