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  1. Thanks for your response and advice. It is not a full test bench, it is only a test case to demo the issue. As i mentioned at the first line of code // skipped driver and others. `uvm_declare_p_sequencer(xx) is a leftover for my debugging, it should not be there, but it has no effects anyway. The issue is from below while-loop function void uvm_sequencer_base::stop_sequences(); uvm_sequence_base seq_ptr; seq_ptr = m_find_sequence(-1); while (seq_ptr != null) begin kill_sequence(seq_ptr); seq_ptr = m_find_sequence(-1); end endfunction I wo
  2. In below test case, I ran into an infinite-loop. Based on uvm reference, it is legal code. I understand where the issue comes from, but wondering if it is a known issue in UVM IEEE. [ //skipped driver and others... import uvm_pkg::*; `include "uvm_macros.svh" // Tranx //********************************* class seqItem extends uvm_sequence_item; `uvm_object_utils(seqItem) function new(string name = "seqItem"); super.new(name); endfunction endclass // bus seq //******************************** class seqr extends uvm_sequencer#(seqItem); `uvm_component_uti
  3. A question regarding the usage kill() and m_kill(); in uvm_squence_base.svh : the kill() method defined as below function void kill(); if (m_sequence_process != null) begin // If we are not connected to a sequencer, then issue kill locally. if (m_sequencer == null) begin m_kill(); // We need to drop the objection if we raised it... if (get_automatic_phase_objection()) begin m_safe_drop_starting_phase("automatic phase objection"); end return; end ...
  4. It is my first time to install SCV. I have Systemc-2.3.3 installed successfully. when i did step6 on INSTALL 6. Compile the package. > gmake (or gmake debug to build debug version of library) Some Solaris systems are unable to compile SCV with optimization enabled (which it is by default). If you run into trouble, try configuring again with the "--disable-opt" option specified on the configure command line. I got below error. Not sure how to fix it Thanks /usr/bin/grep: /glad/common/pkgsData/gcc-v6.3.0p1/Linux/RHE
  5. HI All. I am not sure if we already had this discussion or not. In uvm1.2, it seems get_starting_phase() can only be inside of default tasks (pre/post/body/start) of sequence with uvm_config_db#(....)::set(this,"sqr.main_phase", "default_phase", seq) flow. In below test case, line 10 locked the phase while line 30 try to set_starting_phase(), or anyway document that line 10 is not right usage ? it is not a case in seq.start(..) flow. Thanks AM [/code] import uvm_pkg::*; `include "uvm_macros.svh" class seq extends uvm_sequence; `uvm_o
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