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“dist”. Can a value_range be a list in a randomization distribution?

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Can a distribution value_range be a list? 
Or is there way to achieve the same result using "dist"?

As shown by non-working example code, I try to do something like this:

    bit [1:0] twobits;
    assert(std::randomize(twobits) with {twobits dist {2'b10:=50,  inside{2'b00,2'b11,2'b01;}:/50};} );   //INCORRECT
    assert(std::randomize(twobits) with {twobits dist {2'b10:=50,         [2'b00,2'b11,2'b01]:/50};} );   //INCORRECT

 "18.5.4 Distribution" image snippet from IEEE_Std1800-2017 LRM attached.

Is there (isn't there) a way that value_range can be a list of choices, which are not in a range?  For example 00, 11, 01.
I thought I had done this in the past, but now, a few years out of the SV game, I can't seem to get it to work.  I can think of other ways to 
(Maybe an array holding the values, or something like that?  Perhaps I simply imagine that I ever did this using a dist.)



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