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system c compile error


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You have several errors due to:

  1. Failure to specify the compile-time option '-std=c++11' when using C++11 syntax. Compiler defaults to C++03.
  2. 'using namespace std' in conjunction with a global named 'array'. std::array<T> is a new templated class in C++11 and conflicts. Changing references from 'array' to '::array' solves the problem. It would be better to rename it to something that does not collide (e.g. data_array) or remove the 'using' clause and properly provide the correct 'std::' prefix where appropriate.
  3. Failure to use uniform initialization of a variable used as a global. As of C++11. When creating a global use the syntax 'TYPE VARNAME { CONSTRUCTOR_ARGUMENTS };' This also works for class members.
  4. Specifying global variables that should really be private class members (e.g. count). Solved by moving the declarations to the header file and using uniform initialization.
  5. Note that use of globals is generally (including this case) a very poor design decision.
  6. Note also the use of '#include "systemc.h"' is frowned upon in many circles. Use '#include <systemc>' (without the '.h') instead.

You need to take a proper course in modern C++ to avoid C++ syntax errors. These are novice C++ errors. This forum is for real SystemC issues, not C++ syntax.

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