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  1. link to code and problem expalanation https://www.edaplayground.com/x/3RvD convLayer convLayer.tpp FIFO.h FIFO.cpp convL2.h convL2.cpp main.cpp
  2. I’m trying to implement a fifo module , or simply a queue, and implement the pop and push methods using system c language. I made a module with input 1D array to perform on it the functions. sc_vector< sc_in<int>> array ; array.init(4)) the problem is when i try to push items to the array i get array full, as the .init filled it with 4 zeroes so I don’t know how to push or pop from it
  3. Bes

    System c help

    By the way i opened this reference book and didn’t find it helpful at all, it’s very hard to learn from, and i am not asking someone to do my homework for me i am asking for help for solving the errors cause sometimes i don’t find a way to solve them! ,Or simple questions that would save time and of course I’m learning the language by practicing alot and trying as much as i can to read more and practice more
  4. Bes


    I’m kinda confused with the syntax for systemc, I don’t know if the states or the keys are input ports or just signals not with the fsm logic
  5. Bes

    Compile error

    Isn’t this required for the constructor?
  6. Bes

    System c help

    Excuse me i want to make sure that the code to reading a csv file from c++ would still work using system c cause it’s obligatory for me to use system c while reading the file
  7. Bes

    Compile error

    I’m using sc_has_process constructor in the header file. i have an output port and 2 signals( my inputs that i want to read from csv file but I can’t) , so in the header file i only initialize my output port, 2 signals and my method in the .cpp file, i do convolution between the two input signals which are used as 2D arrays using nested sc_vector. then in the main method i write convLayer c(“ “); // convLayer is my module name. c.in1(array) ; //in1 is the signal in the header file, array is a new signal with same size in main.cpp file
  8. Bes


    Can someone help how could do something like this using systemc
  9. Hello , i have a compile error that I don’t seem to understand, can someone help
  10. Bes

    syntax problems

    Thank you so much, this helped
  11. Bes

    System c help

    Can you put links for some of these references as my reference is a text book however I didn’t understand from it
  12. Can someone help with a code for reading a csv file using system c
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